Student Achievers 2017-18

S. No. Student Name Class Event Name Position
1 Ch. Mukesh 7C KVS All India Level Painting Competition Gold Medal
2 Samrata Sahoo 1A ISRO Drawing Competition 1st Prize
3 Ritam Adak 8C Cluster Level Painting Competition 2nd Prize
4 M Hemasree 10C Cluster Level Painting Competition 2nd Prize
5 Jaganath Bhoi 8C NTPC Painting Competition Selected for state
6 P Kushal 4C Cluster Level Painting Competition 2nd Prize
7 P Prathyusha 5A Cluster Level Painting Competition 2nd Prize
8 P Priyanka 6C Active Media Group Painting Competition 3rd Prize
9 P Priyanka 6C Kalavathi Cultural Society Painting Competition 1st Prize



Student Achievers (2014-15)


 (a)  I n  the  year  2013-1 4  14 students  got  CG PA  10 in  their  X  Boa rd Examina ti on.

(b)    Class XII gave a pass percentage of 99.8%.

(c) Mast. KSH I TIJ G N AN RAJ was selected for M B BS i n A II MS, New Delhi.

                (d) K u m. SAN DH YA got selected for IIT K h aragpur .

Non -Academics                                               

(i) I n  Social Science  Exhibition 2014-15, Ku  G Anisha selected for H i n di debate at  KV NAD held atthe C l uster  level.Rishabh Joshi of class IX B selected for Explaining exhibits at KV NAD at the cluster level. 07 Exhibits were selected for KVS Regional
(ii) I n  the  N ati onal  Children's Science  Congress 10 projects gu ided by M r Y
Sai bab u and M R M Murali Kri shna is under way for participation at the Regional Children Science Congress.
iii) 07 students secured Gold Medals in the International Talent hunt Olympiad conducted by

                Silver Zone foundation New Delhi , India


iv) 02 students secured 2nd Prize in Zonal level in senior category in the painting competition conducted by Bank Of Baroda.
(v)     02 Student secured 1st Prize at Junior and Senior level respectively, and 01 student secured consolation prize at junior level in the Hindu Young old Painting competition at district level.
(vi) 03 students of class XI and 01 students of class XII has backed cash prize of Rs. 5000 each in the CBSE Expression Series on Poster Making.
(vii) 01 student from class VII secured consolation prize in Hindu & AU poster making contest.

  • Master Shubham & Master Ritesh Biswal of Class XI has been awarded with a Cash prize of Rs. 5000 each for standing out as winner in Drawing and Painting Competition under CBSE Expression for Pd. Deendayal Upadhayaya.